“Common Project Risks and Agile Mitigations, Part 3, Planning & Estimation” from an Old Blog

  • Allowing a plan to diverge from project reality, or to be created which diverges from that reality in the first place, due to lack of estimation experience, estimation under pressure, rejection of reasonable estimates (usually resulting in underestimation), ignoring the obvious (e.g., back-of-the-envelope calculations), and/or not revising plans if scope changes.
  • Failure to plan, adequately or at all, to consider all project activities, to address risk management, or to inadequately document decisions and commitments (leading to later disagreements, disappointments, and costly rework).
  • Infrequent project milestones (i.e., project “chunks” too large), allowing too much time to elapse between opportunities to validate that work done meets intended needs.




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Scott Duncan

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