“Common Project Risks and Agile Mitigations, Part 7, Everything Else” from an Old Blog

  • tension in social relationships; people (often respected staff) who, for one reason or another, block progress.
  • missing, or delayed access to, information resulting in untimely decision-making. (Shari Pfleeger [May] notes the common situation that “there isn’t one person who has an overview of the whole project.”)
  • not learning from past problems and/or ignoring the need to act on what has been learned.
  • inadequate procedures, strategies, and tools to be used in testing; late involvement of the test team in the project.
  • poor vendor performance delivering on a contract; for vendors of contract staff, a concern was offshore-outsourcing relationships as engineers sometimes must train colleagues who do the same work for much less pay. (Vendor contract issues were not mentioned much, but were a high % item when they were.)




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