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  • A Recovering Republican

    A Recovering Republican

    A former Republican’s thoughts on our experiment in democracy

  • Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

    Jordan Dalladay-Simpson

    Design leader at BCG Digital Ventures. Personal reflections on design, business, and leadership from a decade of start-up building. Views are my own.

  • Gunnar R. Fischer

    Gunnar R. Fischer

    Multilingual IT guy and Leader of the Chocolate Guild. I can answer fluently in English, German and Esperanto — you can also contact me in Dutch and Italian.

  • Ryan Key

    Ryan Key

    Making Business Better

  • Darin Gordon

    Darin Gordon

    “You Have to Be The Change You Wish To See In The World”

  • Iness Hnatyshyna

    Iness Hnatyshyna

    Experienced EMEA Business Developer, Project Manager & Co-Founder of Consultancy I&H http://consultancy.ih.free.fr/. Insta — Inneska535

  • William Spivey

    William Spivey

    Writer, poet, wannabe philosopher. I write about politics, history, race, and social justice. Support me at https://ko-fi.com/williamfspivey0680

  • Sandy Giles-Brigando

    Sandy Giles-Brigando

    Sandy has eclectic tastes, a gypsy soul, has lived in 13 states, and traveled to 48. Her life’s motto: “I am still learning.” Email: sbrigando@gmail.com

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