“Letting Them Figure It Out” from an Old Blog

  1. How much information about techniques and practices might a team need before they start working together so that there are not too many open issues to “figure out”?
  2. Indeed, how many open issues are “too many” for them?
  3. How many times or how seriously should a coach/SM allow a team to “fail” in such decision-making (since allowing teams to fail, a bit, is typical advice given to coaches/SMs/managers in an Agile context)?
  1. they only presume a 6, not 8, hour productive day in their estimation, so a 30, not 40, hour week;
  2. within this 30 hour week they commit to less than 100% of that in functionality terms, especially when they are new to this approach;
  3. they do not presume to commit overtime at the outset as a way to deal with the fixed schedule and functionality.




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