Scrum Gathering 2010 Notes

  • Everything you do for them is one more thing they don’t know how to do for themselves.
  • Let the team fail, and recover, together.
  • Don’t praise them for the work they do, but on how much better as a team they are getting.
  • Goal: to produce astonishing stuff (not mediocre stuff faster)
  • Planning to manage for uncertainty, not planning to (assume you can) eliminate it.
  • An Agile Project Manager manages the context “around” the team, not act as a conduit between the teams.
  • Help teams manage the value stream across the teams.
  • Kanban interesting across teams, not within a team — use to “scale” agile.
  • Never have these people been together like this before and never again will they be together like this.
  • The principles of Open Space -
  • The Law of Mobility & Responsibility: if you are not learning or contributing something, go somewhere else where you can.
  • Failure may an inability to get access to (and positively affect) the value stream.




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Scott Duncan

Scott Duncan

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