Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) 2000 Conference Notes

Tutorials –

Influencing and Working with Middle Management to Implement SPI (Chuck Myers, CRM Consulting)

Keynotes –

Boeing’s SPI Efforts (Scott Griffin, Boeing CIO)

Software Development Culture and Professionalism (Steve McConnell, Construx Software)

Corporate Culture and Focus (Stan Rifkin, Master Systems)

Tata Consultancy’s SPI Work (S. Ramadorai, CEO)

Parallel Sessions –

Measuring Software Quality (Watts Humphrey, SEI)

Integrating Project and Quality Management (EDS)

Understanding High Maturity Organizations (Charles Webber and Mark Paulk, SEI)

Experiences Implementing an Electronic Process Guide at Bank of America (Greg Jones, Testing Capabilities Team)

Executive’s Little Instruction Book for Implementing SPI (John Maher)

Change Realization: Striving Toward Quality Goals (Jenny Flowers and Alicia Esposito, Telcordia Technologies)

SPI Across the Pacific: How the CMM is Accepted in Japan (So Norimatsu, Nomura Research Institute)

Why Projects Need Process Standards (Lewis Gray, Abelia Corporation)

Conclusions –



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