“The Agile Manifesto as ‘Immutable, Sacred Text’” from an Old Blog

  • Surely learning has taken place in the almost 10 years since the Manifesto was created which would influence a different set of ideas to be stated now than then.
  • The work being done by people before the Manifesto existed wasn’t about “agility” but was about more effective, productive software development.
  • By the very nature of Agile ideas, we should be prepared to change the Manifesto and not keep it the same since that was just a point in time perception and both perceptions and needs change.
  • Most of the ideas in the Manifesto can be found elsewhere, especially in Lean ideas, so they should not be regarded so permanently.
  • The Value statements are so easy to agree with that they are, essentially, “content-free.”
  • The Principles are redundant in many aspects (indeed one basically repeats a Manifesto Value) and could be reduced to a much smaller set without losing any meaning/effect.
  • Misunderstanding/misuse of the Manifesto (as stated) is now an impediment to new people learning about Agile ideas so we should move away from it as a focal point.




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